Attaining Net-Zero Targets

December 20th 2021:

Decarbonising  Transport (PDF)

  • Transport is a large contributor towards global carbon-dioxide emissions, which are currently expected to continue rising due to greater volumes of travel.
  • A targeted approach to decarbonization must be employed across a range of transport modes in order to reach net-zero emissions, especially given projected transport growth in Asia.


December 13th 2021:

Carbon Capture (PDF)

  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technologies are a novel method of capturing and storing gaseous carbon dioxide, which can be used to mitigate harmful emissions
  • These technologies may play a key role in aiding Asia’s transition from fossil fuels to green energy, as the region strives to meet ambitious emissions goals
  • There are already many large scale CCUS projects in progress, and countries worldwide are pledging expertise and resources towards making the technology commercially viable


December 6th 2021:

UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 (PDF)

  • The 26th Annual UN Climate Summit, COP26, recently concluded, with a litany of new pledges and agreements aimed at combating climate change
  • While there are valid concerns regarding the efficacy of such pledges, the momentum they will provide towards the clean energy should provide opportunities for investors in Asia