Renewable Energy

October 25th 2021:

Southeast Asia (PDF)

  • Southeast Asia has increased investment in the renewables sector to accelerate post pandemic economic recovery
  • ASEAN has announced an ambitious five year plan to source 23 of its primary energy supply from renewables
  • The investment in clean energy offers a viable option to support expansion and achieve wider socio economic and environmental benefits



October 18th 2021:

Australasia (PDF)

  • Australia met its Renewable Energy Target of a minimum of 20% of electricity to be generated from renewable sources in September 2019, a year ahead of its own 2020 deadline
  • The Australian renewable energy market is projected to grow at a CAGR of +8.0% between 2020-2025
  • The renewable energy space in the Australasian region presents a host of attractive opportunities for investors


October 11th 2021:

Central & East Asia (PDF)

  • Numerous Asian countries have already taken concrete steps to promote renewable energy sources with significant progress being made 

  • Renewable energy technologies such as wind power generators and hydropower stations have been supplying utility power across Central and East Asia