Section 1

Section 1 Establish a strategy and business model which promote long-term value for shareholders


The Board must be able to express a shared view of the company’s purpose, business model and strategy. It should go beyond the simple description of products and corporate structures and set out how the company intends to deliver shareholder value in the medium to long-term. It should demonstrate that the delivery of long-term growth is underpinned by a clear set of values aimed at protecting the company from unnecessary risk and securing its long-term future.


The Company provides equity and credit funding to companies, principally in the Pan-Asian region or with a connection to Asia. It will do this through investing in direct financings, pre-IPO investments, growth private equity, event driven special situations, opportunistic special situations and indirect financing.

The Company is sector agnostic in its investment activities.

New investments will be managed actively, including through appropriate investor protections which will be negotiated on each transaction as appropriate and relevant.

The Company will consider using debt to finance transactions on a case by case basis and may assume debt on its own balance sheet when appropriate to enhance returns to Shareholders and/or to bridge the financing needs of its investment pipeline.

The Company is in the process of a disposal programme for its “legacy” assets, which is substantially complete. The Company has made one new investment and intends in the short to medium term to transition its portfolio of investments to one that consists entirely of income generating assets which will enable the Company to pay regular dividends to its shareholders.

The Board together with the Investment Manager continually monitor the prevailing investment climate, macro-economic conditions affecting the Asian region and other macro factors which will influence and in some cases hinder the ability for the Company to execute its strategy, for example regulatory and governmental policy changes.