Section 7

Section 7 Evaluate Board performance based on clear and relevant objectives, seeking continuous improvement


The Board should regularly review the effectiveness of its performance as a unit, as well as that of its committees and the individual Board members. 

The Board performance review may be carried out internally or, ideally, externally facilitated from time to time. The review should identify development or mentoring needs of individual directors or the wider senior management team.

It is healthy for membership of the Board to be periodically refreshed. Succession planning is a vital task for Boards. No member of the Board should become indispensable. 


The Board consists exclusively of Non-Executive Directors, the Company having no employees or Executive Board Members. In this regard Board performance and oversight lies predominantly with the Chairman and other stakeholders, particularly shareholders.

Events are held with shareholders where feedback on the Company’s progress is sought on a regular basis, and this interaction provides valuable input on Board performance. Advice is also sought on Board composition on an ongoing basis from the Company’s NOMAD.

The composition of the Board is reviewed regularly and changes made where appropriate. As size of the portfolio grows, the Company may look to broaden its skills and experience base by the appointment of additional Directors and/or advisors in due course.

The Board does not carry out a formal review process.