Section 8

Section 8 Promote a corporate culture that is based on ethical values and behaviours


The Board should embody and promote a corporate culture that is based on sound ethical values and behaviours and use it as an asset and source of competitive advantage.

The policy set by the Board should be visible in the actions and decisions of the chief executive and the rest of the management team. Corporate values should guide the objectives and strategy of the company.

The culture should be visible in every aspect of the business, including recruitment, nominations, training and engagement. The performance and reward system should endorse the desired ethical behaviours across all levels of the company.


The Board is focused on investment returns for its shareholders and will at all times seek to make ethical investments, but this is not an investment focus or determinant for an asset being included in the portfolio. As discussed above, given the Company is an investing company with no employees or other internal stakeholders, the Board does not drive a corporate culture within the business.