Section 2

Section 2 Seek to understand and meet shareholder needs and expectations


Directors must develop a good understanding of the needs and expectations of all elements of the company’s shareholder base. The Board must manage shareholders’ expectations and should seek to understand the motivations behind shareholder voting decisions.


The Board is aware of the need to protect the interests of minority shareholders, and balancing these interests with those of the majority shareholder. The Board also considers the terms of the relationship agreement the Company has entered with its largest shareholder and where necessary will enforce any relevant terms.

The Company holds regular investor events in London and Hong Kong, where the Chairman, other members of the Board and the Investment Manager update attendees on key developments in the portfolio. All shareholders are invited to attend these events.  The Chairman is principally responsible or shareholder liaison.

The Company regularly updates the market via its RNS news feed of any disclosable matters and where appropriate, also uses social media platforms to engage with a wider audience.

The Company publishes all relevant materials, according to QCA definitions, on its website. This includes annual reports and shareholder circulars.