Section 9

Section 9 Maintain governance structures and processes that are fit for purpose and support good decision-making by the Board


The company should maintain governance structures and processes in line with its corporate culture and appropriate to its:

  • size and complexity; and
  • capacity, appetite and tolerance for risk. The governance structures should evolve over time in parallel with the company’s objectives, strategy and business model to reflect the development of the company.


This website page provides full disclosure on the Company’s corporate governance. Please note earlier commentary on the nature of the Board and the decision not to appoint any committees at this stage of the Company’s growth. The Board will continue to monitor this and depending on the growth of the Company and further directors being appointed, this may change over time. There are no immediate plans to make any changes to the governance processes and framework which are described in the commentary above.

The Chairman has overall responsibility for shareholder liaison. None of the other Board members have any specific responsibilities.

There are no specific matters reserved for the Board.